The face has the most delicate skin cells as compared to the rest of your body, it needs extra care to look beautiful and pretty. Hence, those habits must be stopped immediately if you want a perfect skin! Let’s have a look at the bad habits below:

Bad habit #1: Wearing makeup to sleep

Not taking off your makeup before sleep actually leaves the makeup materials to clog up your skin pores. This does not only damages  your skin, but can lead to skin allergies as well!

Bad habit #2: Wearing makeup that has already expired

Regardless of the brand, one must always avoid using skincare products that are more than 12 months after breaking their seal. You can also check their expiry date from the packaging.

Bad habit #3: Makeup without cleansing your face first  

Reapplying your makeup or applying foundation directly will clog your skin pores and lead to various skin problems.

It is best to first remove any impurities using a wet tissue, then apply the make up

Bad habit #4: Removing dead skins excessively

Although it is a good habit to remove your dead skins once in awhile, but do not overdo it. Removing it excessively causes your skin to be dehydrated, which leads to more problem like acne and blackheads.

Bad habit #5: Using a dirty makeup removal cloth

The makeup removal cotton pad requires a proper cleaning from time to time. Not doing so will lead to accumulation of bacteria on the cotton pad as well as causing skin problems.

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