Do you know the hidden beauty benefits of Red Algae?

Red Algae is a plant that lives in the shallow area of the sea. It has many vitality essence such as sugar, fatty acid, carotene and lysine. It provides human with highly beneficial essences regardless of you using it for consumption or for skincare products.

Applying the essences extracted from the Red Algae, helps in controlling the excess oils on our skin and cleaning our pores. It also keep our skins hydrated enough, relieve our fatigue, smoothen our skins and tightening it.

How Seaweed helps in beautifying our skins?

  • It increases our skin’s hydration level, strengthening its durability and keeping it hydrated. In the long run, it causes our skins to radiate naturally and shines beautifully
  • Increases the elasticity of the skins and restoring it back to the younger days. It can also remove wrinkles if used consistently
  • Heightens the skin’s immunity as well as protecting it  
  • Improves the condition of dry and oily skins while tightening the pores
  • Heightens and increases the collagen within the skins. It repairs the skin.
  • Remove dead skins and also mini tears and scars of previous wounds
  • Acts as a substance that balances the oil excretion, reduces inflammation and is exceptionally good with acne and treating it

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