In the 21st century, working overtime is a very common thing due to the increasing work pressure. However, having a bad sleeping schedule could damage our skins significantly. Hence, we at AUXINLIVE would like to share some beauty tips with all of you to help improve this matter.

  1. Repaying your sleeping debts

Pulling a long nighter leaves us sleep deprived. Only by repaying the sleeping debts, can provide enough time for the skins to repair itself. Also try to avoid pulling long nights continuously, it will decreases the time and stopping your skins for rejuvenating.

  1. Hydrate your skins.

Pulling a long nighter will temporarily lower your body’s immunity. At this time, lots of different bacterias as well as germs would invade our immunity system. But if we stay hydrated,  our body could destroy the reproduction ground of these bacterias in our body.

Deprivation of water will also cause our skins to be rough and dry. Replenishing water will allow our skins to  rejuvenate.

  1. Increases the intake of different vitamin, especially Vitamin C

To help our skins in rejuvenating, we must also increase the intake of important vitamins. We can consume more fruit juices or different kind of fibres to help our skins.

  1. Pay extra attention to the skins around your eyes

The skin around your eyes has the weakest skin cells. They are fragile and easy to get damaged. Pulling a long nighter will cause black eye circles as well as fatigue to your eyes. In the long run, it’s very easy to develop wrinkles, hence, applying eye serum is very important to protect the skins around your eyes as well as keeping it hydrated.  

  1. Increase the frequency of exercising and the immunity of your body.

We spend most of your time in the office working. Due to that, the amount of proper exercise you actually get is very low. On top of that, using the computer over a long time span will also bring unhealthy radiation towards our skins. Hence, it decreases our skins’ ability to regenerate as well as their immunity.

Take more time to exercise as well as get closer to the nature, it helps alot to take care of your skin’s health.

  1. Take care of your diet, increase the amount of protein.

If you want to have a good skin, it is necessary to have a clean diet plan. Try to avoid suppers as well as spicy food. Increase the consumption of food with high proteins such as fish as well as soy made food products. Protein helps in rejuvenating and repairing our skin.  

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