3 in 1 – P1

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This package deal include:

1 x Perfect Cleanser

1 x Soothing & Moisturizing Mist

1 x 360° Diamond Serum

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What’s In The Bundle? 

Cleansing the skin gently and deeply.  The formulations help to stimulate collagen synthesis and reduce wrinkles, leaving skin cleanse, refine and youthful.

Moisturising and calming. It improves skin elasticity and textures with regular usage.


A luxurious blend of pure micronized diamond powder with hydrating and anti-oxidants ingredients to improve skin complexion and stimulate skin restoration.  It is soothing and leaves supple skin with radiance look.

3 reviews for 3 in 1 – P1

  1. Germaine

    I really like this product! I previously won it from a raffle by Auxinlive on Facebook page but I re-ordered twice in a row now.

    I used the products and it helps with my skin! The packaging is very concise and easy to bring along to work. Didnt take lots of time to use as well.


  2. Jo

    I find it to be useful. I’ve been using this products for 2 weeks now and I start to see some good changes on my face.

    4 stars for it. 😍

  3. Karen

    Nice. Super easy to use, helping me on the go.

    Takes around 2 minutes to finish a face care routine. Easy!

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